Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WZNZ Jacksonville FL 1460 QSL

It was a pleasant surprise to hear and identify WZNZ as "Jacksonville's ESPN 1460" from home on the 1st Jaunary 2006. However, I was not able to verify the reception during the time of the station's sports talk format.

The difficulty in trying to obtain a verification has been compounded by the fact that WZNZ has since undergone two ownership/format changes with a third change due this week ! The ESPN format gave way to religious programming ( which in turn became Jacksonville's Progressive Talk.

A few days ago, I was fortunate to receive an email verification from ex NFL Jacksonville Jaguar's middle linebacker/radio host Tom McManus who recognised his voice on my audio clip from January 2006 ! The clip included a promo for his program, "The Rumble" on "Jacksonvile's ESPN 1460".

Thank you for the verification Tom and the best of luck with your two new shows on 1010XL !


Mike said...

Wow very impressive. What type of pre-selector do you use with your FRG-7?

Mike - ka4rru

Gary Deacon said...

Thanks for your kind comment Mike.

The preselector was constructed about 25 years ago by a friend who obtained the instructions and circuit diagram from a 70's Practical Wireless Magazine.

Mike said...

I found a Practical Wireless Pre-selector from 1968 .. does your like this?



Gary Deacon said...

The pre-selector that I use was probably built according to the instructions from the March 1974 Practical Wireless :