Wednesday, November 4, 2009

6KG Kalgoorlie WA 981 kHz QSL

The 2 kw signal from 6KG Kalgoorlie on 981 kHz is one of the most consistent of the Radio West stations to get through to Fish Hoek, despite the inland tx location 595 kilometres east-northeast of Perth.

6KG was heard with a surprising peak at 1656 hours UTC during good reception conditions on the 13th May this year. * Audio Clip on the right hand side of the web page.

Program director Mat Cummins kindly verified the audio clip of the reception and added :

" ... The Kalgoorlie site is unusual in that it’s not really near water (as some AM sites with good reception tend to be) and it does suffer some lightning strikes from time to time. Kalgoorlie has had a proud tradition of broadcasting in the Goldfields and was one of the first stations on air in W.A. The studios have been in the same location since the station started ! "

Thank you once again Mat for verifying another Radio West station. The interesting information regarding your radio stations is also greatly appreciated !

Gold town Kalgoorlie once had 90 hotels !

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