Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WKIX Raleigh NC 850 kHz QSL and Audio

The interesting QSL letter and bumper sticker was received from Chief Engineer Steven Boucher who kindly verified my report (Click onto the image for a higher resolution).

WKIX on 850 kHz made it through to Pinelands for the first time (A South African First) on the 24th January 1986.

The station turned out to be a rare guest - to the best of my knowledge WKIX has not been logged in South Africa since.

Chief Engineer Steven Boucher was surprised to receive my reception report and indicated that this was the first dx report received from outside the U.S.

AUDIO CLIP also available on the right hand side of the web page.

The original cassette tape recording of the reception has fortunately been preserved. A brief extract of the recording is available here.

The recording was made at 0339 UTC on the 24th January 1986 and consists of a time check for 10:39 in addition to two WKIX ids during a promo for a high school basketball match, between Smithfield-Selma and Athens Drive, that was due to occur at 7:45 pm on Friday that week.

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