Friday, July 16, 2010

6RN Busselton WA 1269 kHz QSL

6RN Busselton WA was heard on a new frequency of 1269 kHz on the 28th June 2010 at Fish Hoek. The station has been transmitting on 1269 khz (ex 1224 kHz) since 13th April 2010.

Graham from ABC Master Control kindly responded to my reception report :

Hi Gary,

I can confirm your reception of Radio National broadcasting from Busselton on the new frequency of 1269 kHz at 1700Z on 28th June, 2010. This service changed frequency on April 13 this year to make way for a new News Radio service operating on 1152kHz which has just commenced test transmissions.

The Busselton transmitter site is located at 33 39 40S / 115 13 40E with Radio National 1269kHz operating at a power of 5kW in an omnidirectional radiation pattern (this may be varied in the future depending on the 1152Khz News Radio tests).

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HamsLife said...

Great blog. I enjoyed it very much.

Gary Deacon said...

Hi Bill

Thank you for you kind comments - most appreciated.