Saturday, October 9, 2010

Audio : 729 5RN Adelaide and 891 5AN Adelaide received barefoot at Fish Hoek, South Africa.

I thought I'd share the unusual reception of 729 5RN Adelaide and 891 5AN Adelaide on the 22nd September 2010 , with the Sony SRF M37V via its internal 5 cm loopstick antenna!

Both 50 kw stations made it through to Fish Hoek, South Africa over a distance of 10 125 km / 6 291 miles via the barefoot Sony SRF-M37V.

891 5AN Adelaide peaked to an astonishing level at 1916 UTC - the most remarkable barefoot signal that I've been fortunate to hear from the station.


Two brief audio clips of the reception have been included below :

891 5AN Adelaide recorded at 1916 UTC on 22nd Sep 2010.

729 5RN Adelaide recorded at 1929 UTC on 22nd Sep 2010.

Google Earth Image of the 729 5RN and 891 5AN antenna masts site at Pimpala, situated in the southern suburbs of Adelaide in South Australia.

Google Earth Image showing the arrival bearing of 5RN and 5AN from Adelaide. After an initial takeoff above 6.6 km of land from down under, the signals continued over an all-sea path across the Indian ocean, arriving above False Bay and only 1 km of land to the dx location at Fish Hoek, over 10 125 km / 6 291 miles away.

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