Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cape DX on Amateur Radio Today

I have been approached by Hans van de Groenendal from the South African Radio League to present a regular audio programme for "Amateur Radio Today" - the weekly radio programme for radio amateurs, shortwave listeners and the electronic hobbyist - aired by the SARL.

CAPE DX Edition 1 - The Cape Peninsula

The Cape of Good Hope on the Cape Peninsula is the most south-westerly point on the African continent (Photograph Gary Deacon).

The first programme featured mediumwave dx highlights from various locations on the Cape Peninsula and was aired last week.

CAPE DX Edition 2 - Cyclone Yasi

The second programme touches on the dramatic ABC Local Radio coverage of Catagory 5 Cyclone Yasi as it hit the north Queensland coast this week. The radio coverage was well planned, professional and impressive to say the least!

Apart from the non-stop coverage of updates and reports, listeners were invited to phone in with their personal experiences of the effects of the cyclone as the storm ripped through their respective neighbourhoods. Some of the calls were quite intense.

Broadcast Schedule

You can listen to Amateur Radio Today every Sunday at 08:00 UTC on the following frequencies:

17 570 kHz AM / 7205 kHz AM / 7082 kHz SSB.

Repeat broadcasts are availlable every Monday at 19:05 UTC on 3215 kHz AM.


The weekly radio programme is also available via a Podcast at :


John said...

Hi Gary

Well done on your Cape DX report 6 Feb, I like your signature tune and the ABC radio report on the cyclone was action packed.
I very seldom used to listen to the Amateur Radio Today programme (ARMI).
Now I will. Greetings John

Gary Deacon said...

Hi John

Thank you for your kind comments regarding the latest Cape DX Edition.

I composed the signature tune and additional music insert a while ago for local radio (also featured on the Youtube video of the 2009 dxpedition to Seefontein).

Apart from the enjoyment of dxing, compiling and editing the programme has been an interesting experience and researching some of the information has also provided an additional insight into broadcasting from the radio station's perspective.

For the moment, I will attempt to produce a programme for the first and third Sunday of each month.

It's good to know that you'll be listening to the Amateur Radio Today programme more often!



David Hamilton said...

hi gary i have put a link to this on my own blog cheers david

Gary Deacon said...

Hi David

Thank you for kindly including the link on your blog - most appreciated!



Dick said...

Gary, name is Dick ZS6RO/ZS1RO - Used to live in Plumstead, Cape Town for many years (1957-1989) before that lived in England, Malta and Jamaica, now live up in Johannesburg and have been retired for the last six years ..

I host the SARL Podcast site .. I see you put the "actual" site's URL up on this Blog - Can I convince you to rather place there instead - reason is I may have to change the actual podcast site from time to time and it would be a hassle to tell everyone to keep changing the URL - this way, the above URL will re-direct to whatever site I end up housing the Podcast data .. Many thanks ..

I like your contribution to AR-Today - quite refreshing - I thought it had 'dried up' but appears (your Blog) you contribute 1st and 3rd weeks only ..

I have an IC-1000 receiver connected 24/7 to my Linux server and Global Tuners uers can tune it as a Node for DX-reception - try - you may have heard of them - I'm the only South African Node on this network ..

73, Dick ZS6RO/ZS1RO

Gary Deacon said...

Hi Dick

Good to hear from you and thank you for your kind comments regarding the Cape DX audio programmes on AR Today.

Work and family commitments meant that I had to postpone my contributions for a while. However, I'm hoping to resume again this month.

Great that you're on the Global Tuners network. I'll have a look at the site.

I have altered the podcast link as requested.