Friday, September 30, 2011

WWRU Jersey City NJ 1660 kHz QSL and Audio

The WWRU/WKDM transmitter site, situated in Carlstadt, New Jersey (Photograph Mark Buniak).

WWRU on 1660 kHz is one of the more regular AM stations from the U.S. to make it through to South Africa during mediumwave propagation from North America. The signal can be heard with some remarkable peaks at times.

After one or two previous unsuccessful attempts to verify the station, I was fortunate to receive two separate email verifications yesterday!

Another view of the antenna masts and the swamp (Photograph Mark Buniak).

First Verification

Korean Radio Producer David Im from 1660 KRB New York (as the station is also known) responded with a kind email.

Second Verification

My report was also forwarded to Multi Cultural Radio Broadcasting Inc. (MRBI) Chief Operator Mark Buniak who kindly verified the reception with an informative email reply which included many interesting photographs.

It was a pleasure to receive the enthusiastic reply from Mark who is also "the voice" behind the WWRU station id announcement!

" ... Gary, it’s my pleasure to confirm you did hear WWRU on September 15, 2011 in South Africa. WOW! Your attached MP3 recording was perfect proof you heard our station and what turned out to be a personal thrill for me is the voice you heard doing the station ID is me and I'm pleased to know someone in Fish Hoek is listening ... "

Mark Buniak
Chief Operator
MRBI Radio Control

MRBI Master Control Room in New York City (Photograph Mark Buniak).

The sister station 1380 WKDM building at Carlstadt , New Jersey (Photograph Mark Buniak).


Mark Buniak's top of the hour WWRU id on 1660 kHz made it through at 0400 UTC in July 2008, during a dxpedition to the Cape Of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Pictured above is the Cape Of Good Hope, the south western tip of the African continent.


John said...

Great to get prompt QSL confirmation
I am sure the audio clips must have
helped.Always look forward to your blog updates

Gary Deacon said...

Thanks John

It's encouraging when recipients express an interest and kindly respond to a distant report from way beyond their intended coverage area. Very kind of Marc to include the impressive photographs and interesting information about WWRU too!

Hugo Belgium said...

Hey Gary, interesting qsl of WWRU.Was the reception report sent via the post or was that via e-mail? What was the e-mail address or postal address?
I get my report always unanswered back!
thanks in advance fro your reply.

Gary Deacon said...

Good to hear from you Hugo.
My reception report was sent via email. I will send you Mark's email address for a possible verification.