Sunday, June 21, 2009

2NB Broken Hill NSW 999 kHz QSL

Broken Hill's location on the New South Wales/South Australia border, far from any major New South Wales town and closer to Adelaide than Sydney, results in a strong psychological connection to South Australia.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear Trevor Chappell's 'Overnights' programme from 2NB Broken Hill, NSW on the 28th April at 1715 UTC. The 2 kw signal made it through with fair peaks on 999 kHz, a frequency usually domimated by cochannel RRI Jakarta's more powerful 150 kw signal.

Graham from the ABC kindly verified the reception and included a transmitter coverage map.

The 2NB txer is located at 31 55 48S / 141 29 6E and operates at 2 kW from a 77 m mast 290 m above sea level.

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