Thursday, June 4, 2009

4QW St.George QLD 711 QSL

The Main Street of St. George. The town is situated on the banks of the Balonne River in south-western Queensland and has a population of approximately 2 400.

4QW St.George was another rare station from Queensland that made it through to Fish Hoek on the 21st April via the SRF-M37V and 220 metre BOG.

Graham from the ABC kindly verified my email reception report this morning. Thanks Graham for the reply and information regarding the radio station.

The 4QW transmitter operates on 711 kHz with a power of 10kW and is located at 27'59'52"S / 148'40'26"E. 4QW broadcasts from a 200m tower at an elevation of 207m above sea level.

Google Earth Image showing the 4QW St. George transmitter towers at 27'59'52"S / 148'40'26"E (Click onto the pic for a high resolution).

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