Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3RN Melbourne VIC 621 kHz QSL

3RN Melbourne, VIC was heard and identified for the first time on 621 kHz, a frequency usually dominated by co-channel Radio Botswana. The station was received in Fish Hoek on the 27th May with the SRF-M37V and 220 m BOG.

Graham from the ABC kindly verified my reception report and attached a coverage map.

Google Earth Image of the 3RN transmitter site situated in the north-western suburbs of Melbourne at 37 43 19S / 144 46 58E. 3RN broadcasts with a power of 50kW on a 215m mast (one of the few remaining giant masts in Australia).


Anonymous said...

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JoeT said...

I just ran across your DX blog and your 1991 letter from Diego Garcia.
I had the pleasure of serving there and have pictures of the installation there on my website.
I thought that you might enjoy them.

The facility has 3 or 4 fm channels and some TV.

I am also now the Director of Engineering for KGO in San Francisco (810 khz, 50kw)

Gary Deacon said...

Hi Joe

Thank you for sharing the links to your interesting pics ! Most appreciated ! Regards, Gary