Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vision Radio Bunbury WA 1017 kHz QSL

The 1 kw signal from Vision Radio Network made it through to Fish Hoek on 1017 khz via the M37V and 220 metre BOG during the good propagation conditions experienced on the 13th May this year.

Network and Admin Assistant Anne Nicholson kindly verified my e-report this morning and added :

" I can confirm that you did if fact receive our relay signal from 1017 AM in Bunbury, Western Australia. At more than 8 500 km from Fish Hoek I would say that this was a pretty good effort ! "

Thank you Anne for the reply which represents the third verified station from the Christian radio network to get through to Fish Hoek, the other two being Kalgoorlie on 1431kHz (2 kw) and Margaret River on 1611 kHz (400 watts).

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