Monday, July 25, 2011

2BE Bega NSW 765 kHz letter

Back in July 1987, while dxing at Leisure Isle, Knysna, I stumbled across an Australian station on 765 kHz for the first time. The talkback programme which I heard, originated from Sydney and 2BE Bega was the only station from New South Wales listed on 765 kHz at the time.

I sent a tentative reception report to 2BE and received the above letter and bumper sticker from Chief Engineer Peter Carson who indicated that they were unable to confirm reception as their station was off air at the time I heard the signal. He suggested that I contact 5CC, Port Lincoln, the only other Australian station on 765 kHz.

Peter kindly included the address of 5CC and indicated that the SA station obtained a landline feed of the midnight to dawn shift from 2GB Sydney during the time that I heard the broadcast.

I posted a reception report to 5CC and was fortunate to receive a confirmation, the details of which will be included in the next post ...

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