Saturday, July 23, 2011

6WF Perth WA 720 kHz QSL and Audio

A 1937 photograph of ABC Broadcast House, located in the Supreme Court Gardens, Perth, WA - the home of 6WF from 1937 until 1958 (Photograph Wikimedia Commons).

6WF Perth WA on 720 kHz was heard during a holiday / dxpedition at Leisure Isle, Knysna on the 6th July 1987 via the FRG7 and 30 metre longwire antenna.

I was fortunate to receive the above QSL card in response to my reception report.

Google Earth Image of the 6WF 720 kHz 180 metre mast with a "top hat", located in Hamersley, Perth, Western Australia.

 Another surprise verification ... 

A few years ago, I received an interesting email from an announcer at 720 6WF, in response to the youtube 2008 Jongensgat DXpedition Video :

" ... Hi Gary, A friend sent me a link to your YouTube piece about Dx int. He suggested I listen about 2:00 mins in. To my great surprise I found myself listening to a broadcast I made through 6WF in Perth Western Australia. It was sure strange to sit and watch-and listen- as my words came back to me via youtube and South Africa. Regards, John ... "


6WF is a regular here in Fish Hoek and does get through remarkably well at times when it seems as if one is listening from downtown Perth instead of over 8 650 kilometers away !

The present ABC studio and office building, located on the corner of Fielder and Royal Streets in East Perth (Photograph Wikimedia Commons).

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