Sunday, February 1, 2015

6WB Katanning WA 1071 kHz QSL

6WB Katanning WA, another 2kw Radio West station, was heard in Fish Hoek via the FRG7 in October 2004. 

Account Executive Arthur Todd kindly verified my reception report with an informative email reply and added : 

 " ... I can confirm all the information you listed in your letter and I'm sure Alan McFarland, the owner of Katanning Furnishings, will be stoked to hear his message was heard so far away. 

Talking to our technical staff in Bunbury (our coastal headquarters) they tell me that generally people like yourself can, given the right conditions, pick up signals from coastal radio stations but it is rarer for inland stations like ours to be heard over those distances ... "

It was a surprise to hear 6WB for the first time during remarkable reception conditions back on the 25th June 1986 (heard fading in at 1420 UTC with a consistent signal that day) at the coastal town of Sandbaai. The station has been heard on numerous occasions since.   

Google Street View showing the 6WB 70 metre antenna mast.

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