Thursday, February 12, 2015

WPEN Philadelphia PA 950 kHz QSL

WPEN made it through on 950 kHz on the 11th January 2006 via the FRG7 and ALA 1530 loop antenna at Noordhoek (a personal first).

Chief Engineer Larry Paulausky kindly responded to my reception report with an informative email verification and added that WPEN had begun operating from a new transmitter site in East Norrington, Pennsylvania using a four-tower directional antenna array with maximum efffective power in the direction of 120 degrees True North (favourable for reception in this part of the world - GD).

Google Earth view of the WKDN ( ex WPEN) antenna towers situated in East Norrington, Pennsylvania. 

A detailed dx report (with photographs) including additional North American stations received at Fish Hoek and Noordhoek via the FRG7 and ALA 1530 loop antenna during December 2005 and January 2006 is available here at the website. 

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