Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mildura's signal goes across the world !

It was a surprise to discover that my reception of the 2 kw signal from 1467 3ML made the news in Victoria, Australia :

Google Earth image showing the path from 3ML Mildura, Victoria - across the Indian Ocean - to Fish Hoek, Cape Province.

Mildura's signal goes across the world

Tuesday, 06 January 2009

If you’ve ever wondered how far away listeners can hear Sunraysia’s EASYMIX 1467, you’d be pleased to learn it’s at least 10,430 Kilometres !

That’s impressive coverage from a single transmitter-tower off Flora Avenue near Lake Ranfurly !

Surfing the Internet may be a popular pastime, but so is surfing the AM band for distant channels.

EASYMIX 1467 (official callsign 3ML) recently received a letter from a listener in South Africa’s Capetown region who does just that.

Gary Deacon from Fish Hoek, approximately 25km southeast of Cape Town, says 3ML is often the strongest Victorian station to be heard in South Africa ...

To read more, visit :

Google Earth image of Mildura, located on the banks of the Murray River in north-western Victoria. 3ML's single transmitter-tower is located near Lake Ranfurly in the centre of the pic.

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