Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WLAC Nashville TN 1510 QSL

Programme Director Tom Peace from WLAC kindly responded to my verification request with this attractive email attachment from the golden days of radio ! Click onto the above image to obtain a more detailed resolution.

I was fortunate to hear the station via the internal antenna of the Sony SRF-M37V ultralight, during the great reception conditions experienced on the 13th January at Noordhoek.

WLAC Nashville has been heard fairly regularly since the early 1970's when I first began DXing. Despite two or three previous attempts over the years, I never managed to obtain a QSL from the station until yesterday. Thank you Tom for kindly inlcuding the great email verification attachment too !


ThiagoPM said...

Hi Gary, in september/2008 i also heard WLAC from Brasilia, Brazil. I was trying to hear 1512 from Saudi Arabia, but i got some QRM from a station with a OM talking in EE. The station was possible to hear almost everywhere inside my house that night. I heard with my Degen DE1103.

Congratulations for your blog and i hope you can continue posting your listenings.

My best regards!

Gary Deacon said...

Hi Thiago

Congratulations on your reception of WLAC and thank you for your kind comments !



José Maranhão said...

Hello, friend!

I'm Brazilian DXer.

Please, give me a e-mail address of WLAC Radio, okay?

Thank you very much!