Wednesday, May 27, 2009

4MK Mackay QLD 1026 QSL

The excellent reception conditions from Queensland, Australia on the 15th April, included 4MK Mackay on 1026 kHz. I also heard a "4MK ten 26" id on the 19th May. The 5kw station made it through via the Sony SRF-M37V and 220 metre BOG.

I emailed a reception report last night and received a reply within a few minutes from breakfast presenter and radio veteran Meecham Philpot :

" Gday Gary... I think I can safely say that you hold the record for longest distance listener. Get plenty of calls from boats in The South Pacific , but at 11 965 ks you have flogged them. Thanks for letting us know mate. I will send you some stuff in the mail. "

Thank you Meech for kindly taking the time to reply. I was also fortunate to receive stickers, balloons with the 4MK logo and a 3 CD music compilation in the post !

4MK, owned by regional broadcaster Prime, recently made a move back to its former AM band position at 1026 kHz.

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