Thursday, May 7, 2009

4TO Townsville QLD 774 QSL

Excellent reception conditions from Queensland, Australia on the 15th April, included 4TO FM, Townsville on 774 kHz for the first time. The 5kw station made it through via the Sony SRF-M37V and 220 metre BOG.

Station Engineer Matt Paton verified the reception via email with a nice letter attachment, a photograph of one of the tx towers and a Google Earth link to the site location. Thank you Matt for kindly taking the time to reply !

At over 11 965 km away, the 4TO FM repeater service on 774 kHz is one of the most distant Australian AM stations to make it through to this part of the world.

The following link from Bernd Waniewski's interesting web site features quite a few photographs of the 4TO transmitter site.

One of the two 160 metre 4TO FM AM Repeater Towers situated at Cape Cleveland, south of Townsville (Click onto the pic for a high resolution).

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