Sunday, August 7, 2011

5KA Adelaide SA 1197 QSL - Audio from the 1950's

5KA Adelaide, South Australia on 1197 kHz made it through to Fish Hoek on the 17th April 1988 via the FRG7 and 25 metre longwire antenna - a memorable catch and a South African first.

I received a QSL card and station bumper sticker from Chief Engineer Rod Cranwell who kindly responded to my reception report.

A Brief History

5KA commencing broadcasting on the 25th March 1927 on 1200 kHz. The station changed frequency to 1197 kHz with the introduction of 9 kHz spacing on the mediumwave band in 1978.

5KA left the mediumwave band and converted to 104.7 MHz FM on the 1st January 1990. After a call sign change to 5KKA (branded on-air as KAFM), the station eventually became 5MMM (Triple M Adelaide).

Audio Clip : 1950's 5KA jingle

1950's Philco Tropic Radio (Photograph Gary Deacon).

Visit the archived 5KA Reunion website for a detailed history, early photographs and a treasure trove of 5KA airchecks and jingles.

An early photograph inside the 5KA studio during a visit from a few Australian football players.

Audio Clip : 1954 Adelaide Earthquake on 5KA

On the 1st March 1954, Adelaide experienced an earthquake during the early hours. 5KA announcer Jack Fox was on duty at the time when showers of plaster fell down from the studio ceiling, the lights went out and his cup of tea fell across the record turntable!

The station was down for only three minutes after which the all night announcer was soon back on air :

" ... The whole of the building here - my chair that I'm sitting on absolutely rocked underneath me. I thought the building for one minute was collapsing ... now we continue with our musical programme, if I can find my records under all the plaster that's around the studio here ... "

In the hours that followed, Jack Fox kept up a constant stream of reassurances in between selections of bright, cheerful music which did much to calm many anxious mothers and frightened children!

5KA announcer Jack Fox. 


John said...

Always look forward to your new posts
a real treasure trove for SWL enthusiasts and the audio clips are a highlight.

Gary Deacon said...

Thanks John

It's a pleasure to be able to share the images of a few interesting QSL's and letters, especially from pioneering stations that no longer broadcast on mediumwave.

Listening back to my archived dx cassette tapes for a few audio examples has also served as a reminder of how well some of these stations got through - especially considering the modest receiving equipment and antenna used at the time.

An interest in broadcast station history also lead me to the recent discovery of the archived 5KA reunion website - I also find the airchecks and jingles from radio's bygone era especially interesting to listen to.



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Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the person who found and placed on this site the audio clip of Jack Fox from the 1954 earthquake in Adelaide. He was my grandfather and died when I was very young. How wonderful to be able to hear his voice.

Gary Deacon said...

Good to know that Jack Fox was your grandfather! Thank you for taking the time to comment about the audio clip which I'm happy to know is very special for you. There is another sound clip of Jack Fox, available at the 5KA Reunion Website or you can copy (right click and select 'copy')and paste the following link into the address field of your internet browser :

Pauline said...

Just discovered the website, and it certainly bought back memories. I worked at 5KA from 1959-1963 when I left to get married. "Uncle" Jack Fox was a lovely man, and I remember we were very sad when he passed away.We stood on the front steps of 5KA to watch as the hearse passed the building.


Gary Deacon said...

Hi Pauline Thank you for sharing your recollections about Jack Fox and your time at 5KA - much appreciated!