Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WJMX Florence SC 970 kHz QSL

It was a pleasant surprise to hear WJMX Florence SC for the first time (A South African first) on 970 kHz on the 9th November 1987. Another memorable catch, the station's 3 kw signal made it through to Fish Hoek via the FRG7 and 25 metre longwire antenna.

I was fortunate to receive an interesting verification letter with detailed information from Engineer Ken Evens who kindly responded to my reception report.

Google Earth Image showing the three WJMX AM Antenna towers - the southeastern tower is 510 ft in height (approximately 1/2 wavelength) and the two other towers are 250 ft (1/4 wavelength) each. The night time antenna pattern of the major lobe towards the south east helped account for the unusual trans Atlantic reception at Fish Hoek.

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