Friday, August 19, 2011

WRKO Boston MA 680 kHz QSL and Audio

Sunset across the Charles river with the Boston Skyline in the distance (Photograph Wikimedia Commons).

WRKO Boston MA on 680 kHz is one of the more regular stations heard at Fish Hoek during good mediumwave propagation from the U.S.A. The station made it through with a huge signal on the 21st of November 1988 via the FRG7 and 25 metre longwire antenna.

Chief Engineer Ned Roos kindly responded to my reception report with an informative verification letter.  The Steve Weisman Show was in progress as I tuned in and after seeing my letter, attorney Steve Weisman also kindly ressponded with a WRKO greeting card.


Audio Clip

A 1988 recording of the reception of 680 WRKO at Fish Hoek - a remarkable trans Atlantic signal peak over a distance of 12 444 km!

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