Sunday, April 15, 2007

3EE Melbourne VIC 1278 QSL

The solar indices @ 2100 UTC on the 21st March : Solar Flux 73
A = 1 and K = 0

Encouraged by the very low A/K indices that evening, I decided to set up the 220 BOG (Beverage on Ground) at the sportsfield location in Fish Hoek. Although it is another 2 km futher to the west from the site opposite my home, the location has an advantage in that it is completely free from local electrical noise sources.

Conditions tend to favour Australia during our local evenings with the very low auroral activity such as that experienced that evening. Very good reception from Australia, despite moderate static crashes, included rare stations from New South Wales and Victoria. 3EE Magic 1278, Melbourne was received for the first time. Station Manager Gary Hoffman kindly verified my e-report and added : " ... It's quite amazing that our AM signal can travel so far when we are restricted to broadcasting at just 5,000 watts (as are all commercial AM stations in Melbourne) ... "

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