Friday, April 13, 2007

KCJJ Iowa City IA 1630 QSL

U.S.A. X-Banders can be a challenge to receive and identify, even under good reception conditions, with the usually low signal levels experienced here in South Africa due to the long haul over the Atlantic Ocean.

It was a pleasant surprise to be able to receive and identify KCJJ Iowa City on 1630 khz on the 5th February 2007. It was also encouraging to hear the 1kw night-time signal, over 8 680 miles / 13 970 km away at home in Fish Hoek via the ALA1530. This active loop antenna also helps to effectively reduce the interference from electrical noise sources usually experienced in the home/urban environment.

KCJJ General Manager Tom Suter kindly verified my reception report via a brief e-mail on the 7th February 2007.

The 1630 KCJJ Antenna Mast situated at the transmitter site in southeast Iowa City (photograph courtesy Steve Bridges).

Google Earth image showing the KCJJ signal path from the transmitter site at southeast Iowa City, to Fish Hoek - an impressive distance of 8 680 miles / 13 970 km !

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