Sunday, April 15, 2007

5AN Adelaide SA 891 QSL

Excellent reception from South Australia on the 21st February 2007 included a huge signal from 5AN Adelaide which managed to get through Radio Lesotho, the usual dominant station on 891 kHz. Although I've heard 5AN on a few occasions, it was unusual to hear the station with such a strong signal from home via the ALA1530. Producer Debra Tribe kindly verified my e-report. She listened to the attached audio clip and added : " ... The reception was remarkably clear given the incredible distance (10 140 km) ... "

I also received a surprise request for a live interview on the 6th March 2007 with John Kenneally and Tony McCathy on the Bald Brothers Breakfast program. The interview, together with some photographs and a short story has also been included on the ABC website : Although the conversation seemed to cover the lifestyle in Fish Hoek and the music scene in Cape Town more so than dxing from home, it was really cool to be able to chat.

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