Monday, April 9, 2007

WCNZ Marco Island FL 1660 QSL

Chapmans Peak Caravan Farm in Noordhoek is a picturesque location which is approximately 2 km from the Atlantic coast and only 6 km from my QTH at Fish Hoek. However the scenery is so different, one might as well be 1000 kilometres away. Wife Sandy and daughter Nicole both enjoy the camping experience, so this is becoming the place of choice for our regular annual January getaway. I also took along the FRG7 and ALA1530 and set up a separate radio tent.

The reception of 1660 WCNZ/Relevant Radio on the 13th January 2007 was a pleasant surprise as WWRU Elizabeth NJ is normally the dominant station on this frequency during the Xband openings from the USA. Manager/Chief Engineer Bob Ladd kindly verified my reception report via e-mail. He added that my report was most unusual as most reports come from Sweden and that part of the world.

A short story concerning the reception has also been included in the latest Relevant Radio Newsletter :

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