Monday, May 14, 2007

2CA Canberra ACT 1053 QSL

New South Wales is rarely heard in Fish Hoek due to signal absorbtion from the auroral zone around the South Pole. However, stations from that part of the world do manage to get through during very quiet solar conditions.

2CA Canberra on 1053 kHz has been received at the location behind the Fish Hoek sports field on rare occasions. I was fortunate to hear two id's in between their Golden Oldies format during an excellent opening from Australia on the 11th May. I also recognised a few of the songs and e-mailed a report to the station.

I heard 2CA for the first time in June '86 but tried unsuccessfully to obtain a verification so it was a pleasant surprise to receive a friendly e-mail reply this morning from Musical Director Gerry Nyein.

Part of the reply :

" ... Yes, it was quite a thrill to learn of our reception in South Africa. I have spoken with our Senior Network Broadcast Technician and he tells that although the broadcast strength is only 5KW (directional) for 1053 2CA, we have one of the best transmitter positions in all of Australia. We have frequently been received in Queensland and in New Zealand ... Please be aware that digital radio broadcasting commences in all capital cities in Australia in 2009 and you will be able to hear us like we are next door to you ... 2CA celebrated 75 years of transmissions in Australia last year and remains one of Australia's oldest radio services ... All the best, happy listening ! "

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