Friday, May 25, 2007

MALAWI MBC Radio 1 Lilongwe 594 QSL and Audio

Sunnyside is a picturesque resort which is situated north of Lesotho in the Free State, just past the Golden Gate Nature Reserve. The colourful sandstone formations in front of the resort are truly spectacular (pic above).

A family holiday in June/July 2005 included a memorable stay at Sunnyside. I took along the FRG7. Space allowed for an 80 m BOG which was directed towards the north. Africa and the Middle East were heard with strong signals. Although many of these stations are regularly heard throughout South Africa, the strength and clarity of dx from the African continent was the best I had ever experienced. Visit for a detailed report.

MBC Radio 1 from Lilongwe, Malawi was received on 594 kHz with a huge signal during a cold, teeth-chattering morning of minus 7 degrees C on the 29th June 2005. The excellent quality of the reception, included at the beginning of the audio clips section, inspired me to email a report to the station this week.

MBC Director of Engineering Joe Chikagwa kindly verified my e-report this evening. He added that they were currently not broadcasting on 594 kHz due to a lack of some spares but would advise as soon as they get back on air.

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