Thursday, May 24, 2007

3SH Swan Hill VIC 1332 QSL

Stations from Victoria also manage to get through to Fish Hoek on rare occasions during very quiet solar conditions. 1332 3SH Swan Hill was heard with fair peaks during the excellent reception conditions experienced on the 13th April 2007.

It was a pleasant surprise to receive the following friendly reply from Program Director Len Johns who kindly verified my e-report this morning :

" ... Hey Gary, Yep, it is our station! We are amazed at how far the signal can travel when conditions are right ! We have heard of people receiving our signal throughout Australia but definitely not in South Africa ... Thanks for the email, very interesting & you’re the talk of the morning - might even mention this email on my radio shift this afternoon. The show you were listening to was The Travelling Fisherman ! – a show about where the fish are biting ! ... Having a look at the photos you live in a beautiful part of the world ! "

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