Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ascension Is BBC Radio Ascension 1485 kHz QSL

This appropriate stamp was attached to the QSL letter inside the envelope. The verification in 1992 coinsided with the 25th Anniversary of the Atlantic Relay Station on Ascension.

The QSL letter was signed by BBC Transmitter Engineer Andrew Marsden who included a diagram of the transmitter and antenna. Click onto the image for a high resolution.

Radio Ascension made it through to Fish Hoek on the 15th September 1991. The radio station used to transmit the BBC World Service 24/7 on 1485 kHz with 500 watts.

BBC Transmitter Engineer Andrew Marsden kindly verified my report and added :

" ... Congratulations on your reception of Radio Ascension on 1485 kHz mediumwave. Radio Ascension transmits BBC World Service 24 hrs a day and is intended to cover Ascension only. The carrier power is 500 watts and is produced by two HCD Research solid state 250 watt transmitters operating in parallel. The aerial was assembled from scrap and so is a little unconventional. The island MF and VHF services are provided for the local population but have very little or no official BBC support ... "


Yimber Gaviria Blog said...

Nice QSL Letter.
73 de Yimber

Gary Deacon said...

Thank you Yimber

QSL's from the South Atlantic could be regarded as historical items worth preserving, particularly since some mediumwave stations are no longer operating. It's a priviledge to be able to share online.