Monday, December 28, 2009

SWAZILAND R Swaziland Mbabane 881 kHz QSL

Front and Back of the QSL folder.

Inside of the QSL folder (Click onto the images for a higher resolution).

Radio Swaziland was heard in Pinelands at 1600 UTC on the 8th July 1974. The 10 kw station used to operate on 881 kHz and was received via the Siera and 20 metre longwire antenna.

The interesting QSL folder arrived in the post 15 days later.


Claudio said...

Gary, do you know why some of these African MW broadcasts are one kilohertz off from the standard multiples of 9?

Here on the east coast of the US, the carrier from 1521, which I think is Saudi Arabia, makes it through almost nightly and makes 1520 WWKB in Buffalo difficult to listen to. I wonder how these affected European stations on the standard splits.

Gary Deacon said...


The 1974 QSLs reflect the previous frequencies on which these African stations used to operate.

The Geneva Frequency Plan of 1975 came into effect on the 23rd November 1978 when most European and African MW stations were required to change their broadcasting frequencies to the present multiples of 9kHz.