Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SWAZILAND Swazi Music Radio 1376 kHz Ruler

The transparent ruler from Swazi Music Radio served to promote the station with the "Music Is Our Message" logo and indicated the two broadcasting frequencies (Click onto image for a higher resulution).

Two transparent rulers arrived in the post from Swazi Music Radio in response to a letter I sent to the station sometime during 1973 - 1974.

Although not exactly a verification, I was fortunate to receive the souvenirs as an acknowledgement and promotion from ledgendary radio announcer "Long" John Berks who was the programme director for SMR up until September 1974.

Swazi Music Radio (SMR) was a South African radio station which used to broadcast from Swaziland between 1972 and 1978. It was initially established as Swaziland Commercial Radio but was soon taken over by the South African entrepreneurs Issie and Natie Kirsh as a competitor to LM Radio which broadcast from nearby Mozambique.

The studios were based in central Johannesburg and the transmitters were located in Sandlane, Swaziland, just across the eastern border of South Africa. Programmes were recorded in Johannesburg and the tapes taken by road to the transmitting station for broadcast the next day.

The insert for Swazi Music Radio appeared in the 1974 edition of the WRTH. SMR used to broadcast on 1 376 khz mediumwave and 6 155 khz shortwave.

It had been hoped that the medium wave transmission would reach the Johannesburg area during the day. However long distance medium wave propagation in the former Transvaal province was poor during the daylight hours and only really effective at night.

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