Sunday, December 27, 2009

LESOTHO Radio Lesotho Lancer's Gap 899 kHz QSL

This is the first post featuring my initial collection of mediumwave QSL's from 1974 onwards. Many of the verifications, particularly from the 1970's, may be considered to be of historical interest too.

Radio Lesotho was heard in Pinelands on 899 kHz via the Siera receiver and 20 metre longwire antenna at 1535 UTC on the 6th July 1974.

The 10 kw signal used to make it through regularly to Pinelands over a distance of 998 km.

I sent off a report to the station and was pleased to receive my very first mediumwave QSL in the mailbox 8 days later !

AUDIO * Available on the right hand side of the web page

The recording of the end of a newscast and station id was made almost exactly 31 years later at Sunnyside on the 29th June 2005 via the FRG7 and 80 metre BOG.

The picturesque receiving location of Sunnyside, located north east of the Lesotho border, 127 km from the Lancer's Gap transmitter (Photograph Gary Deacon).

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