Saturday, January 23, 2010

KMOX St. Louis MO 1120 kHz QSL and Audio

KMOX St. Loius MO on 1120 kHz made it through to Pinelands at 0001 UTC on the 30th May 1977 via the Siera receiver and 20 metre longwire antenna. I was fortunate to receive a QSL card in response to my reception report.

AUDIO CLIP * Also available on the right hand side of the web page

KMOX was heard with a good consistent signal via the FRG7 and modest 40 metre longwire antenna on the 26th February 1989 in Fish Hoek. The recording was made at 0411 hours during a weather report and station id by Mike O'Conner, followed by "Moonglow", the signature tune for the Saturday night jazz programme presented by "Cactus" Charlie Manese.


It was a surprise to receive 1120 KMOX via the Sony SRF-M37V's internal 5 cm loopstick antenna, a year ago on the 24th January 2009 (The report and reply from KMOX News Director John Butler).


Bix Lives! said...

I am from Saint Louis -Grew up in the 1960s and eventually became an engineer for Charlie Manese at KWMU-FM. His wife used to make use great food!

-I also grew up listening to Jack Carney, Harry Carey, and JACK BUCK on KMOX. Jack Carney was previously on WIL's "Silver Dollar Survey". Yeah, I am old. Carney died suddenly when I was in college at Washington University. Carney's banter was dumb, but you just could not turn it off.

BTW I am a HAM -have worked all continents on 40 and 20 meters at 1.3 KW. I am sure you got your KMOX QSL at night! -You had an excellent arial! Are you a HAM?

Bix Lives! said...

BTW, "Cactus" Charlie got his nickname, because cactus needles ,when properly cut, make the the best sounding needles for 78s on a Victrola. Hence, Charlie's nickname -"Cactus".

I have had a chance to try good cactus needles in a Victrola and Charlie was NOT wrong!

Gary Deacon said...

Hi there Many thanks for sharing your interesting response to the KMOX post - much appreciated! A Happy 2015 to you! 73 Gary