Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WKBW Buffalo NY 1520 kHz QSL

The WKBK QSL card and bumper sticker received in 1974.

WKBW on 1520 kHz made it through to Pinelands at 0515 UTC on the 22nd July 1974 via the Siera valve receiver and 20 metre longwire antenna.

I was fortunate to receive WCKY's QSL card and bumper sticker from Chief Engineer Leroy Fiedler on the 4th October 1974 (A duration of 74 days after posting my reception report).


Check out http://wkbwradio.com/page2.htm for a fascinating tribute to the station.


Maggie Fiedler said...

Hi there! I came across this while searching about my grandfather, Leroy Fiedler. It was really neat to stumble upon this!!

Gary Deacon said...

Hi Maggie

I'm glad that you found the vintage QSL card of interest - good to know that it was your grandfather who was Chief Engineer at the time!