Sunday, January 10, 2010

WBAP Fort Worth TX 820 kHz QSL

WBAP's QSL card received in 1974.

WBAP on 820 kHz made it through to Pinelands at 0520 UTC on the 17th August 1974 via the Siera valve receiver and 20 metre longwire antenna.

I was fortunate to receive WBAP's QSL card, from Director of Engineering Rupert Bogan on the 3rd September 1974 (In 12 days after posting my reception report).

A close-up of the AM station details.

Google Earth Image of WBAP's omnidirectional transmitter tower.


colin41 said...

Hello Gary. You might remember me from the SADXC when I lived just outside Joburg. I now live in SW Ontario, Canada, and right now am spending a couple of months with family in Australia.
Your blog filled me with nostalgia, recalling my DXing days in South Africa. I have added you to my Favourites.
Colin Miller

Gary Deacon said...

Hi Colin

Yes, I do remember you as an active dxer from those memorable SADXC days during the 1970's !

Good to hear from you and it's nice to know that the dx blog brought back some nostalgic memories.