Wednesday, January 27, 2010

U.K. Capital Radio London 1546 kHz QSL and Audio

Capital Radio from the United Kingdom on 1546 kHz made it through to Pinelands on the 1st September 1978 via the Siera receiver and 20 metre longwire antenna. I was fortunate to receive a QSL card, signed by C. Tyroll, in response to my reception report.

The transmitter had an output of 27.5 kW producing a maximum e.r.p. of 97.5 kW to the south which would have contributed greatly to the reception in South Africa.

AUDIO CLIP * Also available on the right hand side of the web page

A huge signal from Capital Radio on 1548 kHz was recorded almost 10 years later on the 6th of July 1988, during my first dxpedition to Swartriet (just north of Saldahna Bay) on the west coast of South Africa.

Fellow South African dxers Vince Stevens and James Arm set up a 1 kilometre beverage which was directed towards the north west. The resulting dx from North America and Europe was memorable to say the least !

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