Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WRVA Richmond VA 1140 kHz QSL and Audio

The WRVA QSL card received in 1974.

The interesting verification letter from Vice President and Director Of Public Service, Alden P. Aaroe (Click onto image for a higher resolution).

WRVA on 1140 kHz made it through to Pinelands at 0500 UTC on the 6th August 1974 via the Siera valve receiver and 20 metre longwire antenna. It was a pleasant surprise to hear the station with a huge signal that morning !

Vice President and Director Of Public Service, Alden P. Aaroe kindly verified my reception report and added that this was the greatest distance that their signal had been heard.


WRVA sounded as if they were broadcasting from downtown Richmond instead of over 12 647 km's away !


The Lou Dean Show, recorded on the 6th August 1974, included a mention of the "Millard The Mallard" 256 page book of household hints for 3.95 dollars.

The WRVA "Millard The Mallard" Household Hints Book. Millard the Mallard was a fictional character and mascot for WRVA radio.


Station id by Lou Dean was followed by a list of shows available in Richmond at the time.

Google Earth Image of the WRVA dual transmitter towers on the banks of the James river.

Google Earth Image showing the arrival bearing of WRVA's trans-Atlantic signal to Pinelands, 6 km's from the coast and 12 647 km's away.

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