Monday, November 3, 2008

3ML Mildura VIC 1467 QSL

AM stations from Victoria are not often heard here in Fish Hoek. Apart from 3LO on 774 kHz, 3ML on 1467 kHz is the most consistent station from Victoria to make it through during the few occasions when reception conditions permit.

Ted Guinea kindly verified my follow-up email report from 1 May (the first time I managed to hear the station) and 2 May 2006. Ted included the comment " ... We knew that 3ML had good coverage but we never expected it could be heard over 10 000 kilometres away !"

Thank you Ted for your interest and kind response !

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WZNZ Jacksonville FL 1460 QSL

It was a pleasant surprise to hear and identify WZNZ as "Jacksonville's ESPN 1460" from home on the 1st Jaunary 2006. However, I was not able to verify the reception during the time of the station's sports talk format.

The difficulty in trying to obtain a verification has been compounded by the fact that WZNZ has since undergone two ownership/format changes with a third change due this week ! The ESPN format gave way to religious programming ( which in turn became Jacksonville's Progressive Talk.

A few days ago, I was fortunate to receive an email verification from ex NFL Jacksonville Jaguar's middle linebacker/radio host Tom McManus who recognised his voice on my audio clip from January 2006 ! The clip included a promo for his program, "The Rumble" on "Jacksonvile's ESPN 1460".

Thank you for the verification Tom and the best of luck with your two new shows on 1010XL !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KGED Fresno CA 1680 QSL

Today I received a very nice QSL letter from Patrick Martin
(A higher resolution is available by clicking onto the QSL).

Patrick also forwarded my report to the Chief Engineer of KGED who remarked : "That was quite a haul". It certainly was. The 1 kw night time signal and distance of 16 250 km (over 10 000 miles) would make KGED one of the most surprising AM stations to get through here in many years.

And a really special QSL it is too. Thanks Patrick !

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1680 KGED Fresno CA received in South Africa !

I was fortunate to hear and identify KGED Fresno CA for the first time after reviewing a recording from my second visit/dxpedition to the Cape Of Good Hope National Park last week. The reception of the 1 kw signal occurred over a distance of 16 250 km !

Apart from a tentative appearance of former 1680 KVAT in 2006, It's been over 20 years since I've managed to hear and identify California on medium wave (640 KFI Los Angeles, 680 KNBR San Francisco and 1070 KNX Los Angeles made it through in 1986).

KGED Reception Manager/International Dxer Patrick Martin kindly verified the reception :

" ... Gary, I am impressed!!! The first report from Africa for the station. A very excellent catch. Bravo!!! I tried the last time, but unfortunately there were two Radio Disney stations on 1680 and I could not ID the audio you sent. This time, there are no doubts. I can catch the calls easily. I will mail you out a QSL. Thanks for giving it such great try. You did it. Fantastic. 73, Patrick ... "

Thank you for the kind comments Patrick. I look forward to receiving your QSL !

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BENIN TWR Parakou 1566 QSL

Trans World Radio, Benin on 1566 kHz is regularly heard here in Fish Hoek with a good consistent signal.

Lorrain Stavropoulos very kindly responded today to my email request for a verification from reception on the 9th May (during the DXpedition at the Cape of Good Hope) with a very nice pdf QSL (Click onto the image above for a detailed view).

Thank you to dxer Vince Stevens for providing the email address.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cape of Good Hope Dxpedition 9th - 11th May

The picturesque Cape of Good Hope National Park was the destination for a brief family weekend break/dxpedition. The Cape of Good Hope (pictured above) is the most south-westerly point on the African continent. We had a pleasant stay at Eland family cottage, situated a few kilometers to the north.

There is plenty of space for beverages, particularly towards the NW (North America) and SW (South America). The proximity to the Atlantic coast (3 km towards the west) and False Bay coast (8 km towards the east) provides another important dx advantage.

Highlights :

660 0518 USA WFAN New York NY (50 kw)

680 0504 USA WRKO Boston MA (50 kw)

700 0530 USA WLW Cincinnatti OH (50 kw)

700 2320 ST VINCENT NBC Kingstown * Audio clip included *

710 0353 USA WOR New York NY (50 kw)

730 2358 COLOMBIA Radio Lider Bogata (100 kw)

750 0104 VENEZUELA RCR 750 Caracas (100 kw)

770 0005 COLOMBIA RCN SF de Bogota (100 kw)

790 0522 USA WNIS Norfolk VA (5 kw)

850 0453 USA WTAR Norfolk VA (25 kw)

870 0510 USA WWL New Orleans LA (50 kw)

880 0512 USA WCBS New York NY (50 kw)

900 0606 VENEZUELA Mara Ritmo 900,Maracaibo (25 kw)

980 0519 USA UNIDENTIFIED w discussion

1000 0514 USA WMVP Chicago IL (50 kw)

1010 0334 USA WINS New York NY (50 kw)

1017 1608 AUSTRALIA Vision Radio, Bunbury w hymn (tent)

1040 0404 USA WHO Des Moines IA (50 kw)

1050 0442 USA WEVD New York NY (50kw)

1060 0425 USA KYW Philadelphia PA (50 kw)

1130 0428 USA WBBR New York NY (50 kw)

1140 0406 USA WRVA Richmond VA (50 kw)

1160 0547 USA KSL Salt Lake City UT (50 kw)

1170 0345 USA WWVA Wheeling WV (50 kw)

1190 0350 USA WLIB New York NY (50 kw)

1200 0450 USA WOAI San Antonio TX (50 kw)

1460 2203 BRAZIL Radio Aqreste Sousa (250 watts)

1500 0515 USA WWWT Washington DC (50 kw)

1510 0543 USA WLAC Nashville TN (50 kw)

1520 0515 USA WWKB Buffalo NY (50 kw)

1530 0542 USA WCKY Cincinnati OH (50 kw)

1540 0540 USA KXEL Waterloo IA (50 kw)

1590 0546 USA UNIDENTIFIED w sports comm

1590 2207 BRAZIL Radio Globo Joinville (500 watts)

1600 2132 BRAZIL Radio Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo (20 kw) Regularly heard here with an impressive "local quality" signal on this occasion ! * Audio clip included *

1660 0415 USA WWRU Elisabeth NJ (1 kw)

1700 0222 USA KVNS Brownsville TX (880 watts)

Receivers : FRG7 and ICOM R71E

Antenna : 220 m BOG towards North America
120 m BOG towards South America

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vision Radio Margaret River WA 1611 QSL

It was a pleasant surprise to hear and identify Vision Radio Network on 1611 kHz for the first time at Fish Hoek on April 15th. The 400 watt Christian station from Margaret River WA is relatively new (The station commenced broadcasting in December 2007).

Broadcast Operations Manager Phil Edwards kindly verified my email report this morning. Thanks Phil. (My third WA narrowcast verification on 1611 kHz. I was also fortunate to receive verifications from 6GS, Wagin and 6MX, Albany).

Visit for some additional information and pics regarding the station. Check out the pic of the shed housing the transmitter, including a brave broadcast engineer climbing the 46 meter high mast in order to inspect the fittings !

Sunday, April 6, 2008

CBA Moncton NB 1070 QSL and audio

CBA Moncton NB, Canada will be signing off permanently from their mediumwave frequency of 1070 kHz and moving to 106.1 FM within the next few hours.

As a tribute, I've included a QSL from the reception of CBA on 30 January 1986 and audio from part of their sign/off announcement on 6 June 1988.

Sylvia Roy from Audience Relations was kind enough to include a friendly verification letter and other CBC related material including sticker and coverage map back in 1986. The station was last heard in South Africa during the late 1980s.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jongensgat DXpedition - 10th to 14th March

Another enjoyable visit to Jongensgat with fellow dxers Vince Stevens, John Plimmer and Derrick Du Plessis produced some interesting dx, particularly from South America, despite a fair amount of static. (Click on pic above for higher resolution).

Dxing from Jongensgat provides a refreshing change from the regular reception of Brazilian stations heard across the MW band during the early hours in Fish Hoek. Instead, stations from Argentina tend to get through remarkably well.

Highlights included stations from Uruguay and Paraguay, some of which were noted for the first time :

550 0430 URUGUAY Radio Colonia, Colonia w id

590 0500 ARGENTINA Radio Continental, Buenos Aires w id and news

610 0501 URUGUAY Radio Rural, Montevideo w pr promos and id

700 0439 ARGENTINA Radio Cordoba (tent) w pop music

710 0352 ARGENTINA Radio Diez, Buenos Aires w id

790 0429 ARGENTINA Radio Mitre w ann and telephone no.

840 0407 ARGENTINA Radio Salta w id

870 0422 ARGENTINA Radio Nacional w ann by female presenter

900 0158 ARGENTINA Radio Provincia de Corrientes w id and accordian mx

910 0428 ARGENTINA La Red, Buenos Aires w 'Crockodile Rock' by Elton John

920 0252 PARAGUAY Radio Nacional del Paraguay, Asuncion w mx

940 0420 ARGENTINA Radio Chajari w multiple ids and promos

950 0356 ARGENTINA Radio Belgrano, Buenos Aires w id

990 0301 ARGENTINA AM 990 Formosa w 'Noche de Gallos'

999 1647 INDONESIA RRI Jakarta w id

1000 0432 UNIDENTIFIED (USA) w religious sermon

1020 0400 PARAGUAY Radio Nanduti, Asuncion w id and news

1030 0452 ARGENTINA Radio del Plata w id and anns

1050 0229 URUGUAY Radio Uruguay, Montevideo w jazz music including “I Love Paris” id at 0259 UTC as “La Radio Difusion Nacional de Uruguay” over nylon acoustic guitar music bed.

1100 0402 ARGENTINA Radio de la Ciudade Beunos Aires w news and wx

1130 0410 ARGENTINA Radio Nacional (tent) w ads

1140 0413 PARAGUAY w tent id ann including mention of 'Paraguay' and tx frequency

1150 0449 ARGENTINA Radio Brigadier, Sante Fe w anns

1160 0445 UNIDENTIFIED (South America) with song 'I'm Only Human'

1170 0418 URUGUAY Radiomudo, Montevideo (tent) w frequent mention of Uruguay

1190 0446 ARGENTINA Radio America, Buenos Aires w 'Marieta' by Francisco Tarrega performed by classical guitarist Naciso Yepes. Station and program id at 0446 by male presenter preceded continuation of classical orchestral music. Excellent signal
* Audio sample on the right hand side of the web page *

1210 0415 UNIDENTIFIED (South America) w 'Clocks' by Coldplay.

1215 0212 UK Virgin Radio w 'Kiss Form A Rose” and id at 0220 UTC

1270 0235 ARGENTINA Radio Provincia de Beunos Aires w mx

1287 1634 UNIDENTIFIED (Far East) w EZ listening music

1341 1748 UNIDENTIFIED in EE w old testament reading concerning the Israelites

1395 0155 HOLLAND BIG L w promo for “BIG L's Singles Connection”. Also noted the previous evening on 12/3 at 1820 UTC w 70's rock mx

1413 1755 JAPAN JOIF, Fukuoka w “All Night Nippon” id

1458 0200 UK Sunrise Radio w station id jingle, time check for 2 o'clock and news

Receiver : Icom R71

Antenna : 220 m BOG towards South America and 300 m Beverage towards the UK.