Sunday, June 21, 2009

2NB Broken Hill NSW 999 kHz QSL

Broken Hill's location on the New South Wales/South Australia border, far from any major New South Wales town and closer to Adelaide than Sydney, results in a strong psychological connection to South Australia.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear Trevor Chappell's 'Overnights' programme from 2NB Broken Hill, NSW on the 28th April at 1715 UTC. The 2 kw signal made it through with fair peaks on 999 kHz, a frequency usually domimated by cochannel RRI Jakarta's more powerful 150 kw signal.

Graham from the ABC kindly verified the reception and included a transmitter coverage map.

The 2NB txer is located at 31 55 48S / 141 29 6E and operates at 2 kW from a 77 m mast 290 m above sea level.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

2AY Albury NSW 1494 kHz QSL

2AY Albury, NSW was heard in July 2004 at Millers Point. I was fortunate to receive an e-QSL from the 2 kw station this week after a few previous requests for a verification.

General Manager Frank Davidson kindly verified my report this week. Really pleased with this as 2AY is a rare station to get through here, having only been heard on one or two occasions since then.

Albury, NSW as viewed from the War Memorial. Albury is situated on the northern side of the Murray River while the twin city of Wodonga is situated on the southern side in Victoria.

Monday, June 8, 2009

2QN Deniliquin NSW 1521 kHz QSL

Above the entrance to the 2QN / Classic Rock studio in Deniliquin. Photograph by Samuel Gordon Stewart.

The Deniliquin Clock Tower. The town is situated on the banks of the Edward River in the Riverina region of New South Wales, close to the border with Victoria.

MW Radio Stations from New South Wales are rarely heard in Fish Hoek due to signal absorbtion from the auroral zone around the South Pole. However, stations from that part of the world do manage to get through during very quiet solar conditions.

The 2 kw signal from 2QN Deniliquin made it through on the 19th April and 27th May via the SRF-M37V and 220 m BOG.

Senior Announcer and News Director Graham Munson kindly verified my recepton report via email. Thank you to Samuel Gordon Stewart for providing the contact details.

Google Earth Image of the 2QN transmitter site, situated at 35° 37' 34"S, 144° 54' 48"E (10 km south of the town).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

4QS Toowoomba QLD 747 kHz QSL

Toowoomba Main Street in 1897 (click onto the pic for a high resolution). Nicknamed 'The Garden City', Toowoomba is situated in South East Queensland.

4QS Toowoomba, QLD made it through to Fish Hoek on 747 kHz, a frequency usualy dominated by co-channel 6SE Radio West, Esperance WA. The station was heard on the 1st May at 1705 UTC with the SRF-M37V and 220 m BOG.

Graham from the ABC kindly verified my reception report and included an attachment with a diagram of the tx radiation pattern.

4QS broadcasts at an ERP of 10kW from a transmitter located at 27'08'47"S / 151'18'02"E at an elevation of 350m above sea level from a 219m tower. It's interesting that the height of the tx tower is virtually a perfect match for the 220 m BOG.

Google Earth Image showing the 4QS transmitter site, situated 80 km north west of Toowoomba.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

4QW St.George QLD 711 QSL

The Main Street of St. George. The town is situated on the banks of the Balonne River in south-western Queensland and has a population of approximately 2 400.

4QW St.George was another rare station from Queensland that made it through to Fish Hoek on the 21st April via the SRF-M37V and 220 metre BOG.

Graham from the ABC kindly verified my email reception report this morning. Thanks Graham for the reply and information regarding the radio station.

The 4QW transmitter operates on 711 kHz with a power of 10kW and is located at 27'59'52"S / 148'40'26"E. 4QW broadcasts from a 200m tower at an elevation of 207m above sea level.

Google Earth Image showing the 4QW St. George transmitter towers at 27'59'52"S / 148'40'26"E (Click onto the pic for a high resolution).