Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jongensgat DXpedition - 10th to 14th March

Another enjoyable visit to Jongensgat with fellow dxers Vince Stevens, John Plimmer and Derrick Du Plessis produced some interesting dx, particularly from South America, despite a fair amount of static. (Click on pic above for higher resolution).

Dxing from Jongensgat provides a refreshing change from the regular reception of Brazilian stations heard across the MW band during the early hours in Fish Hoek. Instead, stations from Argentina tend to get through remarkably well.

Highlights included stations from Uruguay and Paraguay, some of which were noted for the first time :

550 0430 URUGUAY Radio Colonia, Colonia w id

590 0500 ARGENTINA Radio Continental, Buenos Aires w id and news

610 0501 URUGUAY Radio Rural, Montevideo w pr promos and id

700 0439 ARGENTINA Radio Cordoba (tent) w pop music

710 0352 ARGENTINA Radio Diez, Buenos Aires w id

790 0429 ARGENTINA Radio Mitre w ann and telephone no.

840 0407 ARGENTINA Radio Salta w id

870 0422 ARGENTINA Radio Nacional w ann by female presenter

900 0158 ARGENTINA Radio Provincia de Corrientes w id and accordian mx

910 0428 ARGENTINA La Red, Buenos Aires w 'Crockodile Rock' by Elton John

920 0252 PARAGUAY Radio Nacional del Paraguay, Asuncion w mx

940 0420 ARGENTINA Radio Chajari w multiple ids and promos

950 0356 ARGENTINA Radio Belgrano, Buenos Aires w id

990 0301 ARGENTINA AM 990 Formosa w 'Noche de Gallos'

999 1647 INDONESIA RRI Jakarta w id

1000 0432 UNIDENTIFIED (USA) w religious sermon

1020 0400 PARAGUAY Radio Nanduti, Asuncion w id and news

1030 0452 ARGENTINA Radio del Plata w id and anns

1050 0229 URUGUAY Radio Uruguay, Montevideo w jazz music including “I Love Paris” id at 0259 UTC as “La Radio Difusion Nacional de Uruguay” over nylon acoustic guitar music bed.

1100 0402 ARGENTINA Radio de la Ciudade Beunos Aires w news and wx

1130 0410 ARGENTINA Radio Nacional (tent) w ads

1140 0413 PARAGUAY w tent id ann including mention of 'Paraguay' and tx frequency

1150 0449 ARGENTINA Radio Brigadier, Sante Fe w anns

1160 0445 UNIDENTIFIED (South America) with song 'I'm Only Human'

1170 0418 URUGUAY Radiomudo, Montevideo (tent) w frequent mention of Uruguay

1190 0446 ARGENTINA Radio America, Buenos Aires w 'Marieta' by Francisco Tarrega performed by classical guitarist Naciso Yepes. Station and program id at 0446 by male presenter preceded continuation of classical orchestral music. Excellent signal
* Audio sample on the right hand side of the web page *

1210 0415 UNIDENTIFIED (South America) w 'Clocks' by Coldplay.

1215 0212 UK Virgin Radio w 'Kiss Form A Rose” and id at 0220 UTC

1270 0235 ARGENTINA Radio Provincia de Beunos Aires w mx

1287 1634 UNIDENTIFIED (Far East) w EZ listening music

1341 1748 UNIDENTIFIED in EE w old testament reading concerning the Israelites

1395 0155 HOLLAND BIG L w promo for “BIG L's Singles Connection”. Also noted the previous evening on 12/3 at 1820 UTC w 70's rock mx

1413 1755 JAPAN JOIF, Fukuoka w “All Night Nippon” id

1458 0200 UK Sunrise Radio w station id jingle, time check for 2 o'clock and news

Receiver : Icom R71

Antenna : 220 m BOG towards South America and 300 m Beverage towards the UK.