Friday, September 30, 2011

WWRU Jersey City NJ 1660 kHz QSL and Audio

The WWRU/WKDM transmitter site, situated in Carlstadt, New Jersey (Photograph Mark Buniak).

WWRU on 1660 kHz is one of the more regular AM stations from the U.S. to make it through to South Africa during mediumwave propagation from North America. The signal can be heard with some remarkable peaks at times.

After one or two previous unsuccessful attempts to verify the station, I was fortunate to receive two separate email verifications yesterday!

Another view of the antenna masts and the swamp (Photograph Mark Buniak).

First Verification

Korean Radio Producer David Im from 1660 KRB New York (as the station is also known) responded with a kind email.

Second Verification

My report was also forwarded to Multi Cultural Radio Broadcasting Inc. (MRBI) Chief Operator Mark Buniak who kindly verified the reception with an informative email reply which included many interesting photographs.

It was a pleasure to receive the enthusiastic reply from Mark who is also "the voice" behind the WWRU station id announcement!

" ... Gary, it’s my pleasure to confirm you did hear WWRU on September 15, 2011 in South Africa. WOW! Your attached MP3 recording was perfect proof you heard our station and what turned out to be a personal thrill for me is the voice you heard doing the station ID is me and I'm pleased to know someone in Fish Hoek is listening ... "

Mark Buniak
Chief Operator
MRBI Radio Control

MRBI Master Control Room in New York City (Photograph Mark Buniak).

The sister station 1380 WKDM building at Carlstadt , New Jersey (Photograph Mark Buniak).


Mark Buniak's top of the hour WWRU id on 1660 kHz made it through at 0400 UTC in July 2008, during a dxpedition to the Cape Of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Pictured above is the Cape Of Good Hope, the south western tip of the African continent.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WTKT Harrisburg PA 1460 kHz QSL and Audio

It was a pleasant surprise to hear and identify WTKT Harrisburg PA on 1460 kHz (a personal first) on the 15th September 2011 during the recent Seefontein dxpedition.

The station's 4.2 kw signal made it through over a distance of 12 669 km via the Icom R71E and 220 metre beverage antenna directed towards Eastern Canada.

Programme Manger Richard Harris kindly verified my reception report with a prompt email reply (Thanks to fellow dxer Vince Stevens for the contact details) :


This will confirm your reception of WTKT 1460khz licensed to Harrisburg, Pa on 150911 @ 12:32 AM. It is indeed our radio station.

Thank you for the report, South Africa is a first for us. If you DX the ham bands, hope you get a chance to find me on 20 or 80 meters as W3HP.

Best 73 and TNX.

RJ Harris
Program Manager
Harrisburg, PA

Audio Clip

An edited audio clip of the station identification at 0432 UTC on the 15th September which was announced as "Fox - Sports - Radio" and "14-60 The Ticket".

Downtown Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania State Capitol, on the east bank of the Susquehanna River (Photograph Wikimedia Commons).

Sunday, September 25, 2011

WSAN Allentown PA 1470 QSL and Audio

It was a pleasant surprise to hear and identify WSAN Allantown PA on 1470 kHz  (A South African first) on the 15th September 2011 during the recent Seefontein dxpedition.

The station's 5 kw signal made it through over a distance of 12 570 km via the Icom R71E and 220 metre beverage antenna directed towards Eastern Canada.

Director of Operations, Craig Stevens kindly responded with a brief email verification.

The three WSAN antenna towers located on the Kohl's parking lot at the Whitehall Mall near Allentown, PA (Photograph with kind permission from Brett Saylor).

The base of one of the WSAN antenna towers (Photograph with kind permission from Brett Saylor. Visit Brett's flickr photostream for more interesting dx related photographs).

Audio Clip

A careful listen to the recording at 0438 UTC on the 15th September 2011 revealed the station website address and id :

" ... To participate go to - Search 'No cash' (pause) Sports Radio AM 14-70 The Fox ... "

Friday, September 23, 2011

Seefontein Dxpedition - 13th to 16th Sep 2011

 Seefontein Cottage.

Another enjoyable dxpedition from the 13th to 16th September at Seefontein included John and Dawn Plimmer, Vince Stevens and yours truly.


Located on the west coast of South Africa, Seefontein is a favourable dx location for the reception of mediumwave radio stations from North America during good propagation from that part of the world.

Encouraging moments of North American reception during all three mornings resulted in an emphasis on trying to identify a few "new" catches for the first time.

Highlights included the reception of 1370 WVIE Pikesville MD, 1410 WNGL Mobile AL, 1470 WSAN Allentown PA and the tentative logging of 1430 CHKT Toronto ON (All personal firsts).

The Loggings :

710 0329 U.S.A. WOR New York NY w ad - fair 14/09

850 0413 U.S.A. WTAR Norfolk VA w comedy programme - poor/fair 14/09

880 0425 U.S.A. WCBS New York NY w ad - poor 14/09

1010 0349 U.S.A. WINS New York NY id and time check "WINS news time 11:49" - fair 14/09

1050 0450 U.S.A. WEPN New York NY w talkback - good peak 14/09

1130 0310 U.S.A. WBBR New York NY w sports commentary - poor 16/09

1160 0424 U.S.A. KSL Salt Lake City UT w ad for "Big Ed's steakhouse" - fair peak 14/09

1170 0224 U.S.A. WWVA Wheeling WV w Roy Masters' "Foundation Of Understanding" programme - poor 15/09

1180 0350 U.S.A. R. Marti Marathon Key FL w SS ann - fair 15/09

1190 0447 U.S.A. WLIB New York NY w contemporary gospel programme - fair 14/09

Animal tracks on the sand dunes.

1370 0450 U.S.A. WVIE Pikesville MD w ad and id "You give us 20 minutes. We'll give you the world - V1370" followed by "Fox Sports Tonight" - fair peak 15/09 * personal first

1390 0450 U.S.A. UNIDENTIFIED w ad - very poor 15/09

1410 0500 U.S.A. WNGL Mobile AL w id " ... 14-10 WNGL Archangel Radio ... " - very poor 15/09 * South African first

1430 0446 CANADA CHKT Toronto a possibility w multicultural talkback programme - fair peak (thanks to Vince) * personal first

1460 0432 U.S.A. WTKT Harrisburg PA w promo for "Fox Sports Tonight" and id as "Fox - Sports - Radio" and "14-60 The Ticket" - poor 15/09

1470 0438 U.S.A. WSAN Allentown PA w part of promo " ... to participate go to Search 'No cash' ..." and id " ... Sports Radio AM 1470 The Fox ... " - very poor 15/09 * personal first

1480 0440 U.S.A. UNIDENTIFIED w talkback including the subject of workers' rights - talkshow host's first name was Alan - poor 16/09

1500 0501 U.S.A. WFED Washington DC w news - fair 14/09

1510 0405 U.S.A. WLAC Nashville TX w wx and id " ... I'm meteorologist Mark Woolsey from the weather channel on your official ... station Fox News Radio 15-10 WLAC ... " followed by an ad for a testosterone supplement "Ageless Male" - fair 14/09

1520 0454 U.S.A. WWKB Buffalo NY w the talkback presenter's quick response to an unhappy caller "You don't have to listen to me ... stop whining and tune me out!" fair 14/09

Sunset at Seefontein - looking across the Atlantic.

1530 0444 U.S.A. WCKY Cincinatti OH w baseball game highlights - fair peak 15/09

1540 0200 U.S.A. KXEL Waterloo IA w id and "Overcommer Ministeries" religious programme - fair peak 14/09

1540 0200 BAHAMAS ZNS1 Nassau w ann "AM 1540 ZNS1 The National Voice. That was the programme 'Jesus Is Still The Answer'. It's 10:00 pm. This is the Bahamas Radio Network". followed by id jingle - fair 14/09

1550 0505 CANADA CBE Windsor ON (presumed) w news - very poor 14/09

1560 0438 U.S.A. KGOW Houston TX (presumed) w discussion - poor 14/09

1600 0445 U.S.A. WWRL New York NY w talkback - fair 15/09

1610 0440 ANGUILLA Caribbean Beacon w religious programming and address ann " ... Pastor Scott, Post Office Box 1 Los Angeles California, 90053-0001, U.S.A. " - excellent peak 15/09

1620 0504 U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS WDHP Fredericksted w BBC news relay - poor 14/09

1660 0429 U.S.A. WWRU Elizabeth NJ w ann in KK - good peak 15/09

1670 0435 U.S.A. WFSM Dry Branch GA w "Fox Sports" promo - poor 14/09

1700 0441 U.S.A. KVNS Brownsville TX w id "Your home for Dallas Cowboys football - KVNS" - good peak 14/09

Receiver : Icom R71E

Antenna : 220 metre Beverage antenna 'over the shoulder' towards East Canada.

Yours truly, dxing with the Icom R71E at Seefontein.