Thursday, April 30, 2009

5LN Port Lincoln SA 1485 kHz QSL and Audio

Port Lincoln, South Australia (Photograph Wikimedia Commons).

Good reception conditions from Australia on the 28th April 2009 included 5LN Port Lincoln on 1485 kHz. This time around I heard a fairly clear "ABC South Australia and Broken Hill" id insert and a regional weather report.

This morning I received an email verifying the unusual reception.

Thank you Graham for the verification and your valuable assistance.

Google Earth Image showing 5LN's transmitter site at Port Lincoln. 5LN operates with 200 watts using a 40m mast. 

Google Street View of the 5LN antenna mast at Port Lincoln.

The 200 watt signal over a distance of 6 200 miles / 9 979 km also represents one of the most remarkable stations that I have been fortunate to hear with the tiny Sony SRF-M37V and 220 metre BOG.

Google Earth Image showing the take off (great circle) bearing of the signal from Port Lincoln to Fish Hoek. After the take off above 30 km of land, the advantage of an all water path over the Indian Ocean would have contributed greatly to the signal getting through to Fish Hoek.

Google Earth Image showing the arrival (great circle) bearing of the 200 watt signal from Port Lincoln - a clear run above False Bay and only 1 km of land - to the dx location at Fish Hoek, over 6 200 miles / 9 979 km away !

Audio Clip

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

5LN Port Lincoln on 1485 kHz heard at Fish Hoek

Port Lincoln, South Australia

March and April are generally good months for the reception of Australian MW stations here at Fish Hoek. Western Australia tends to dominate most of the time. The reception last night (6th April) was quite exceptional with signals from South Australia and Victoria across the band.

Apart from barefoot signals from 729 5RN Adelaide and 891 5AN Adelaide, a definite highlight was the reception of 5LN Port Lincoln on 1485 kHz, heard with ABC news fanfares at 2030 and 2100 UTC.

Although very weak, this was certainly the most remarkable Australian MW station to get through over a distance of just under 10 000 km with an incredible 200 watts !

It is also one of the smallest ABC local radio stations with a staff of just 4.

Receiver : Sony SRF-M37V Ultralight

Antenna : 220 metre BOG directed torwards Adelaide