Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Philippines DXRJ Iligan City 1476 kHz QSL

Iligan - circa 1903 - 1913 (photograph Wikimedia Commons).

It was a pleasant surprise to hear DXRJ Iligan City on 1476 kHz for the first time on the 9th September 2005 at Millers Point via the FRG7 and 40 metre antenna. 

The station id was announced at 1620 UTC :  "Listen to DXRJ AM 14-76 kilohertz on your radio dial, for useful information, for the latest news and entertainment. DXRJ - The partner for the total development of IIigan City, the city by the bay". 

I was fortunate to receive the following friendly and interesting email verification from the station : 

" Good day Gary! We were pleasantly surprised by your email (sorry for the late reply). We couldn't imagine our Iligan station can be heard from as far as the African continent! Thank you very much for informing us of your amazing discovery! Yes, that is indeed our signal. This is one of our provincial AM stations. We're glad you took the time on finding out about us. 

DX'ing never failed to baffle us. We received a similar report last year I think regarding the reception also of our Iligan signal, this time somewhere in Alaska. 

Your dxing is truly amazing given the distance between our locations (11 977 km / 7 442 miles), when in fact we ourselves, who are situated in the metro area, could not receive the Iligan signal. 

Again, thank you for sharing your info to us! Hope you keep in touch! "

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