Friday, April 29, 2016

Springbok Radio - The Cliff Richard Show circa 1962

Thought I'd share a small piece of Springbok Radio nostalgia from circa 1962.

A recent mention of "The Cliff Richard Show" (from the 1960s) on the Springbok Radio Facebook Group prompted me to find a reel-to-reel tape recording (circa 1962) of the programme. The sound quality is not that great (recorded by my late father Arthur Deacon on an old Philips reel to reel tape recorder via a microphone at a distance from the family radio) but worth a listen for those interested. 

"The Cliff Richard Show" was presented by Lowell Johnson and sponsored by Wilson-Rowntree (the makers of Rountrees Smarties). 

Lowell Johnson introduced the program with the popular signature tune of the first few bars of "Shazam" by "The Shadows", continued with his smooth presentation for "the young ones" and included a familiar advertisement for Rountrees Smarties :)

AUDIO (Introduction)

The rest of the programme (just under 13 minutes in length after some minor tape editing) included announcements and Cliff Richard updates by Lowell Johnson - some titles aired for approximately a minute and were faded for additional "Roundtrees Smarties" advertisements before fade-up until the end of the song. 

The Music Selection : 

1) Shazam - The Shadows (Intro)

2) I'm Walkin' - Cliff Richard

3) Shadoogie - The Shadows

4) Mean Woman Blues - Cliff Richard

5) All My Troubles - The Shadows

6) Little Things Mean A Lot - Cliff Richard

7) She's Not You - Elvis Presley

8) Shazam - The Shadows

AUDIO (the full programme with minor tape editing)

Really pleased to have located this particular piece of Springbock Radio history from the early days of Cliff Richard and The Shadows, aired during the time that "Summer Holiday" was still being filmed :)


Pascale972 said...

Hi, Would you by chance know what happened to the people who animated the radio Radio Antilles from Montserrat carribean island ?? I used to listen, from Martinique, daily to the musical program presented by a pastor, I believe, called George Ben (or a name that sounded like that). I can't find anything on the internet about him, and wonder if you could have access to his whereabouts. Many many thanks in advance.
Pascale Whelan

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